Website Designing


A website is not just what you see on the screen when you type your domain on a browser. Its where your prospecting customers or clients gonna find about you. Its your online presence & marketplace where you sell your products & services. 

With our experience we know how it works. Specially for Sri Lankan. What technologies matter most and how to reach for the exact audience in your criteria. 

We use the latest technologies & designing trends to deliver a complete solution for our clients. Drop us a message for more information

What type of websites you can have ?

Static Website

Its a custom made mobile friendly website with a limited number of pages based on your content. We call it static because whenever you wanna change the content, you have to contact us or someone who can edit the source code for you.

Dynamic Website (CMS)

Specialty of this kind websites is, it comes with and backend (admin panel) when you can update content of your website by yourself. You just have a developer only when you wanna do the changes to the layout or add some additional features.


If you're planning to sell proudcts online, this is exactly what you should go for. It allows you to have an online store where people can buy things straight from your website. Not only that, you can keep tracking of your inventory and manage customers also

Wanna know how much will it cost ?

Drop us a message letting us know your requirement. we’ll propose the best solution for you after having a quick discussion with you. it doesn’t cost you anything. only if you’re happy with us, we’ll continue work